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Universal Microbes welcomes potential businesses and individuals interested in becoming distributors of our high-quality microbial products. As a distributor, you will have the opportunity to promote and sell our innovative microbes within your geographic region or your target industry, while benefiting from our extensive support and scientific expertise.

By partnering with Universal Microbes as a distributor, you gain access to a comprehensive range of cutting-edge microbial formulations that have been developed through rigorous research and quality assurance processes. Our products are known for their efficacy, reliability, and eco-friendly nature, making them highly sought after in various industries.

As a distributor, you will receive dedicated support from our knowledgeable team, including training on product features, benefits, and applications. We will provide you with marketing materials, technical documentation, and ongoing assistance to help you effectively promote and sell our microbial products.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor of Universal Microbes’ products, please fill out the form below. Our team will review your application and get in touch to discuss the next steps.

Be a Distributor

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Looking to purchase our microbial products in bulk? We offer quantities starting from 5kg all the way up to container loads. Speak with our sales team now to discuss your specific requirements and take advantage of our competitive bulk pricing.

Explore our product range to find the perfect microbial solution for your needs.

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