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Welcome to the online store of Universal Microbes Inc. ("Universal Microbes", "we", "us", or "our"). Our store presents a range of specialized microbial products designed to tackle specific industrial issues and promote sustainability.

By using our website or purchasing products from us, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions ("Terms"). If you disagree with any of the terms herein, please refrain from using our services.


To engage in purchasing activities from Universal Microbes Inc., it is a prerequisite that the customer be of legal adult age, which is 18 years or older. This is a critical requirement to ensure that transactions are legally binding and to uphold the integrity and responsibility of both parties involved in the transaction.

If the individual intending to make a purchase is under the age of 18, it is mandatory to have the explicit consent of a parent or guardian. This consent is necessary to safeguard the interests of minors and ensure that they are guided appropriately in their purchasing decisions. It is the responsibility of parents or guardians to monitor and oversee the purchases made by minors under their supervision, helping them to navigate choices responsibly and within a framework of guidance and control.

At Universal Microbes iNC., we prioritize the safety and well-being of all our customers, and we strongly advocate for responsible purchasing practices. Our commitment is to create a secure and inclusive environment where customers can shop with peace of mind, assured that their rights and interests are duly protected.




At Universal Microbes Inc., we develop microbial products tailored for specific industrial applications. We encourage users to adhere strictly to the usage guidelines and to utilize the products in a lawful and appropriate manner.


Terms of Use:


  • Compliance with Guidelines: Users are expected to follow the guidelines provided for the proper use of our products.

  • Prohibition on Unauthorized Uses: Any form of reproduction, breeding, transformation, or reverse engineering of our products is strictly prohibited.

  • Limitation of Liability: Universal Microbes Inc. and its importers/distributors are not liable for any damages, losses, or liabilities that may arise from the use or misuse of its products. We cannot guarantee the performance of our products under varying environmental conditions, and as such, we do not offer any warranties regarding their performance.

  • Liability Cap: In any event, our liability shall be limited to the amount paid for the product.

  • Assistance: If you encounter any issues or difficulties while using our products, we encourage you to reach out to us at for assistance.


Thank you for choosing Universal Microbes Inc. We are committed to serving you with products that meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency.


Engaging in online transactions with Universal Microbes Inc. embodies a mutual understanding and agreement to uphold the principles of transparency, legality, and security. When you place an order through our online platforms, it is perceived as an explicit agreement to the terms outlined below:

1. Acknowledgment of Costs

Upon placing an order, you are signifying your acknowledgment and agreement to the price stipulated for the product. This includes any additional costs that might be incurred during the transaction process, which may encompass taxes, shipping fees, or other related charges. It is advised to review the total cost breakdown presented at the time of transaction to avoid any misunderstandings at a later stage.

2. Right to Refuse or Cancel Orders

At Universal Microbes Inc., we are committed to maintaining a secure and trustworthy trading environment. To this end, we reserve the unequivocal right to refuse or cancel orders at any stage of the transaction process. Such actions may be necessitated due to a variety of reasons including but not limited to:

- Suspicious Activity: Orders that display patterns or characteristics of fraudulent or suspicious activity will be subject to cancellation. This is a vital measure to protect our customers and our business from potential fraud or cyber-crime.


- Unauthorized Resellers: Orders identified to be placed by unauthorized resellers or third parties who do not conform to our reseller policies will be refused. This policy helps in maintaining the authenticity and quality assurance of our products.


- Stock Availability Issues: Occasionally, orders might be canceled due to non-availability of stock or discrepancies in the stock status updated on the website. In such instances, we will promptly inform the customers and suggest possible alternatives or offer a complete refund.


- Pricing Errors: In cases where product pricing errors are identified post the placement of the order, we reserve the right to cancel the order and rectify the pricing. Customers will have the option to repurchase at the corrected price.



3. Communication and Collaboration

We strongly believe in maintaining open channels of communication with our customers. In the event of any order cancellations or refusals, we make it a priority to notify the customers at the earliest, explaining the reason behind such actions and offering appropriate solutions or alternatives.


4. Customer Responsibility

Customers are encouraged to ensure the accuracy of the information provided during the transaction process. Providing complete and accurate details facilitates a smooth transaction process and aids in the quick resolution of any issues that might arise.

By placing an order with Universal Microbes Inc., customers enter a binding agreement, signifying their understanding and acceptance of the above-stated terms, fostering a secure and transparent online trading environment.



Universal Microbes Inc. strives to offer the most accurate and up-to-date information on our vast array of microbial products. Our goal is to ensure that each product description is comprehensive and reflects the item's actual specifications, assisting customers in making informed decisions. Our team consistently monitors and updates the product listings to provide the latest and most accurate data, fostering a smooth and satisfactory purchasing experience.

Despite our meticulous efforts, there might be instances where product descriptions contain inaccuracies or certain items are temporarily out of stock. We acknowledge that these discrepancies, albeit infrequent, can occur. During such instances, our commitment is to act swiftly and responsibly to rectify the situation, thereby minimizing any inconvenience caused to our customers.


In case a product is found to be misrepresented or unavailable post the initiation of a transaction, we reserve the right to take appropriate corrective actions. These actions may involve updating the product information on the website to match the actual specifications or cancelling the affected orders to prevent any potential dissatisfaction.

When an order cancellation occurs due to inaccuracies or unavailability, we prioritize communicating with the affected customers at the earliest convenience. We may suggest alternative products that match the original purchase closely or provide a clear timeframe indicating when the product would be back in stock. Additionally, we are prepared to facilitate a full refund to ensure the customers are not at a loss.

Furthermore, we appreciate and encourage active engagement from our customers. Should you find any discrepancies or face issues with your order, we urge you to reach out to our customer service team. We are committed to providing assistance and clarifications, ensuring a seamless and positive purchase experience.


At Universal Microbes Inc., we prioritize offering a seamless and secure transaction experience to our customers. Therefore, we have facilitated a variety of payment methods to accommodate the preferences and needs of our clientele. The various payment methods accepted are clearly indicated on our website, aiming to provide you with convenience and flexibility during the checkout process.


When initiating a purchase with us, it is crucial that you ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the payment details provided. By proceeding with the transaction, you hereby confirm that all the details furnished, including but not limited to credit card information, bank account details, or digital wallet credentials, are both valid and accurate. You also affirm that you are the authorized user of the payment method chosen, thereby possessing the legal right to use it for the transaction.


Ensuring the correctness of the billing information not only facilitates a smoother transaction process but also aids in safeguarding against potential fraudulent activities and unauthorized transactions. AtUniversal Microbes Inc., we take our responsibility seriously to protect the integrity and security of customer data. Rest assured, all payment information is handled with utmost confidentiality and is processed through secure and encrypted channels to prevent unauthorized access and maintain the privacy of personal information.




In an effort to provide our users with a comprehensive and resourceful experience, Universal Microbes Inc. online store might feature links or grant access to tools, resources, or websites that are owned and operated by third parties. These integrations aim to enhance your navigation and shopping experience, offering additional information or services that might be of interest.


However, it is essential to note that these third-party entities operate independently of Universal Microbes Inc. and are not under our control or supervision. As a result, we cannot guarantee or assume responsibility for the accuracy, reliability, or any other aspect of the content provided by these third parties. Furthermore, Universal Microbes Inc. does not actively monitor or scrutinize the policies, activities, or practices instituted by these third-party platforms, and hence holds no liability for any encounters or interactions you may have with them.


While we hope that all third-party affiliations offer value and quality, we encourage our users to exercise caution and discernment when engaging with these external platforms. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with the terms of service, privacy policies, and other guidelines set forth by these third-party websites or tools before utilizing them, to understand the implications of your interactions and to protect your interests.


At Universal Microbes Inc., we truly value the feedback from our diverse and growing community. Your experiences and insights are a crucial element in helping us maintain a dynamic and responsive service. We actively seek your perspectives not only as a means to foster a vibrant and collaborative community but as a vital tool in shaping and refining our products and services to better meet your needs. Your willingness to share reviews, suggestions, and observations enables us to evolve and adapt in a constantly changing industry.


In submitting comments or feedback via various channels such as our website, social media platforms, or other mediums, you are bestowing upon Universal Microbes Inc. an unrestricted right to utilize this content in an expansive capacity. This grants us the liberty to use, reproduce, and disseminate your input across various platforms, allowing for a broader discussion and incorporation into our developmental strategies. Moreover, it equips us with the resources to enhance our marketing efforts, facilitate product development, and refine our services further. By sharing your feedback, you are not only helping us grow but also fostering a space where innovation and customer satisfaction are at the forefront.



In this digital age, we at Universal Microbes Inc. understand the paramount importance of safeguarding your personal information. We firmly stand by our unwavering commitment to protect the privacy and security of our customers, which forms the cornerstone of our operations. Your trust is invaluable to us, and we aim to cultivate and maintain this trust by implementing stringent measures to safeguard your personal details from any unauthorized access or disclosure.


Our comprehensive Privacy Policy, which we highly encourage all users to review, delineates the meticulous processes we have in place to preserve your privacy. This policy is more than just a document; it's a testament to our dedication to ensuring a safe and secure online environment. In this policy, we have outlined the various protocols that govern how your information is collected, used, and safeguarded. We are transparent about the measures we employ, offering you peace of mind that your data is handled with the utmost responsibility and discretion.


Furthermore, we are continuously evolving our privacy practices to align with the latest advancements and legal requisites in data protection. By engaging withUniversal Microbes Inc., you can be assured that your personal information is treated with the respect and protection it rightfully deserves. We invite you to acquaint yourself with our Privacy Policy, to understand our methodologies better and to learn about the various ways you can control your data and enhance your security while interacting with our services.





At Universal Microbes Inc., we are constantly evolving to better serve our customers and adapt to the dynamic landscape of the industry. As part of this ongoing process of growth and adaptation, we reserve the unequivocal right to modify, revise, or amend these Terms and Conditions at any moment, at our sole discretion. These changes might encompass alterations to product descriptions, pricing structures, or other essential aspects of our business operations. We aim to implement these changes judiciously and with the objective of enhancing our services and products for the benefit of our customer community.


We understand that transparency is vital in fostering a healthy relationship with our clientele, which is why we strongly encourage you to visit this page regularly. By doing so, you can stay abreast of any alterations or updates to our terms. Being informed of these changes not only facilitates a smoother interaction with our services but also helps in cultivating a more fruitful and informed relationship between us and our valued customers. Your continuous engagement with Universal Microbes Inc. following any updates indicates your acceptance and adherence to the modified terms, reflecting a mutual understanding and agreement that aids in fostering a trustworthy and harmonious business relationship.



For any clarifications regarding these Terms, contact our support team at

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