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Using the tiniest organisms to solve the world’s biggest problems



Welcome to Universal Microbes, where science meets sustainability. We leverage the power of microbial innovation to develop effective and eco-friendly solutions for a diverse range of industries - from agriculture and healthcare to energy, mining and waste management. Our proprietary technology harnesses the potential of beneficial microorganisms, transforming them into high-value products that contribute to a sustainable future.

Join us on our journey to create a world powered by microbial innovation.

Our Products

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Industrial Applications of Microbes


Our innovative microbial solutions are revolutionizing various industries by offering efficient, sustainable, and economical alternatives to traditional methods. Here's how we're making an impact:

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Our soil-enhancing microbes increase crop yield, improve soil health, and reduce dependency on chemical fertilizers. They also contribute to pest control and disease prevention, making farming more sustainable and productive.

Through our broad portfolio of microbial products and solutions, Universal Microbes is at the forefront of the bio-revolution, transforming industries, enhancing lives, and contributing to a sustainable future.

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Who we are

Universal Microbes is a leading-edge biotech startup founded on the principle of creating a symbiotic relationship between humanity and nature. Our team, composed of distinguished scientists, bioengineers, and environmental enthusiasts, is dedicated to exploring the boundless capabilities of microorganisms and harnessing their power to bring practical, sustainable solutions to real-world problems.

Our Promise to You


At Universal Microbes, we're not just developing solutions - we're building trust. Here's our promise to you:

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Our products and solutions are based on meticulous and extensive scientific research. We stay abreast of the latest discoveries in microbiology, genomics, and bioinformatics to continually innovate and enhance our offerings

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We design our microbial products to perform. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and rigorous testing, we ensure that our microbes are efficient and effective, delivering high-value results in their respective applications.

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Regulatory Compliant

We adhere to strict compliance with local and international regulatory standards. We conduct thorough risk assessments and abide by all relevant guidelines and regulations in the design, production, and distribution of our products.

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We're dedicated to creating solutions that are not only effective but also environmentally responsible. By prioritizing sustainability in all our processes, we're working towards a greener planet and a more sustainable future for all.



At every step of our operations, we strive to keep our valued stakeholders well-informed and deeply engaged. From our research processes to product development, we maintain transparency to foster trust and understanding of our work.

Through this promise, we're not just ensuring the highest quality of our products but also the values that drive our journey towards a world powered by microbial innovation.

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